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CPQ configurators and why your business needs one


Configure, price, and quote (CPQ) configurators can help sales reps and customers co-design products intuitively and quickly while reducing long lead times when generating quotes. This technology is especially useful for custom and promotional businesses and suppliers with broad catalogs.

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How does Brikl's CPQ configurator work? 

Brikl's product configurator has been designed to provide a frictionless design experience. Users can configure 3D products using point-and-click and drag-and-drop. Customers can spin, zoom, drag-and-drop, adjust colors, and build their dream product, adding customization features, placeholders, etc., in real-time. No technical expertise or coding skills are required.

CPQ software challenges

CPQ software isn't for every company, such as businesses with a narrow product range or offering little to no customization. (Talk to us if you're unsure whether CPQ software is for you - our expert team can help). Or you may find internal resistance from salespeople who fear that the technology may eliminate their jobs. But in fact, the opposite is true.

The goal of a sales rep is to spend the majority of their time selling. Often this is not the case with a salesperson who spends most of their time on back-office and admin tasks. B2B configurators can help these employees free up an enormous amount of time, allowing them to realign their focus with meeting and exceeding their targets.

What are the benefits of a CPQ configurator? 

Well, for starters:

The human brain processes visuals about 60,000 times faster than text. And 80% of all information it processes is visual. That's one of the many reasons 3D visualization is so impressive: it helps clients, customers, and stakeholders make a decision faster. 

- What is 3D visualization?

This is why CPQ software is so critical to our merchants: it helps salespeople provide quotes to prospects quickly and accurately while modifying designs on the fly. This makes CPQ software a very effective tool in the process leading up to generating a proposal.

But B2B configurators don't just help companies shorten the sales cycle and minimize errors in quoting products. They also give sales teams access to the most up-to-date information while reducing the time it takes to onboard and train new sales reps.

Configurators also make the whole sales process more exciting and engaging.  It also has proven benefits when it comes to giving customers a greater sense of ownership: allowing a customer to physically interact with products before purchase increases conversion rates by an average of 40%. Spreadsheets and catalogs will never create the kind of excitement or engagement that a sophisticated and intuitive configurator can provide. 

Five benefits of using a B2B product configurator

  1. A shorter sales cycle
  2. Online access to up-to-date product information
  3. Elimination of errors in the ordering process
  4. A shorter learning curve for new sales representatives
  5. It’s fun

1. A shorter sales cycle

For B2B companies, shortening the sales cycle is one of the most attractive benefits a configurator can offer.

When a salesperson visits a customer onsite, they can co-design products with their clients in real-time using preset configuration options. In this highly creative, engaging, and personalized way, salespeople can quickly get to know the requirements and preferences of the customer.

A configurator is, therefore, a tool that sells for you. Instead of telling the customer, "this is what we have," it gives the salesperson the opportunity to ask, "what would you like?". 

According to research from the Aberdeen Group, the process of co-designing can shorten the sales cycle by up to 27%.

sales cycle

2. Online access to up-to-date product information

Product configurators are like virtual assistants that can guide the salesperson.

Sales no longer have to go through spreadsheets or catalogs or reach back out to the head office to consult with them. Using the configurator, they'll know that the customizations they apply will conform to the rules set up on the backend. This allows them to go almost instantly from an idea to a quote.

product info

3. Elimination of errors in the ordering process

Errors made by a salesperson can increase the sales cycle and, therefore, the risk of losing a sale. And when you deal with complex and configurable products, quote errors and order errors can get expensive quickly.

B2B configurators such as Brikl's, with variable and real-time pricing built into them, don't allow orders to be placed that are not supported by your company's capabilities.

reduce error

4. Shorter learning curve for new sales reps

Training new salespeople can take many weeks or months if you sell complex and configurable products. With a B2B configurator, salespeople can start selling almost the day that they start. They don't need to know all features that are available for a product. With an intuitive configurator, they can guide the customer in co-designing the product.

learning curve

5. It’s fun and exciting

Sales reps and customers alike will enjoy playing around with the various customizations. They can see the product from every angle, spin 360°, and zoom in on it. A B2B configurator can provide an emotional component in the process, which can significantly help to overcome the hurdle of first contact.

Customers also don't need to worry about creating products that won't be supported. Thanks to the configuration options, customers can always be certain that what they design can be delivered.

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