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New feature

New Feature: Brikl's Developer Portal

To keep pushing the limits of what we can achieve together, we're excited to announce the launch of our developer portal! Find out more here.

New feature

Bulk embellishment

Tired of embellishing artwork and logos on your designs one by one? We hear you. Our bulk embellishment feature has been created to save your sanity...

The Brikl Rebrand: New Beginnings

As Brikl continues to grow and scale, we needed a brand to match. Find out more about the story behind our rebrand.

How To Build A MicroStore And Scale In 2022

With Brikl technology, building a MicroStore in 2022 couldn't be easier! Learn all about how to build a microstore and scale in 2022 with benefits.

Wyn Republic Brand Spotlight

Wyn Republic will now be combining its emphasis on technical product innovation and style with Brikl's next-generation MicroStore platform. Read more.

Beyond Building Brikl

Building Brikl was a showcase of our internal culture to attract external recruits. Find out more about what the speakers have to say here.

What Is Brikl? Learn All About Brikl

What is Brikl? What does Brikl do? And how much does Brikl cost? If you've been quietly wondering about one/all of these questions, get your answers...

Cross Creations Brand Spotlight

Meet Cross Creation - a family-run personalization business that creates custom products like custom mugs, custom cushions & personalized pictures...

Evolution Team Apparel Brand Spotlight

Evolution Team Apparel links highly engineered sportswear apparel and the athletic performance. Find out how Brikl is furthering their mission here.

Bodibro Brand Spotlight

Bodibro is one of Ireland’s largest sportswear suppliers and a Brikl merchant. Find out how this great brand is using Brikl's team store software...

Brikl Meets Rachel McBride

Professional triathlete, two graduate degrees in genetics and an accomplished cellist. Discover the force of nature that is Rachel McBride here.

New Feature Friday: Benefits of Apple Pay

The benefits of Apple Pay are abundant but reducing abandoned carts at checkout is an important one. Discover more and Brikl's new Apple Pay feature.

Brikl Meets Ellie Salthouse

Professional triathlete and Zoot ambassador, Ellie Salthouse is a walking example of what can be achieved when we start our passions young. Read more...

Shark Wheel: Brikl meets Zack Fleishman

Reinventing the most established design on the planet is no easy feat. Find out more about the Shark Wheel in our interview with COO Zack Fleishman...

Michael J Coles: The Way the Cookie Crumbles

Michael J Coles is an award-winning cyclist, multi-million dollar businessman and philanthropist. Discover what makes his success mindset so special...

3D visualization

3D Customization Innovations by BRIKL

BRIKL supports the full journey, from design to order, checkout and payment. This is what we call our “3D Ecommerce” and “3D Lead Generation”...

3D visualization

Why You Need A 3D Configurator? | A Brief Guide

3D configurator software is an interactive design tool allowing users to customize unique products with configuration options, i.e color, print, text...

What is happening with customization

3D is everywhere around us and is rapidly becoming a must-have to compete in every industry, from fashion to sports, electronics, furniture,...

What Is 3D Visualization?

Designers working across multiple, flat designs have a seriously long and arduous job on their hands. Designers, discover the power of 3D...

Custom Swim Caps

A 3D configurator allows teams and consumers to create their own custom swim caps online.

Custom Triathlon Suits

A look into the future of 3D configurators for custom triathlon suits. How to be successful as a team wear company.