3D Design Software for Custom Products

Creative freedom meets complete control

Customizing and ordering products can be messy - think pen and paper, manual input and steadily rising costs. Brikl’s next-generation 3D customization software puts the power and the process back into your hands. It automates design, print and orders, placing them all onto one integrated platform.

Why choose Brikl?

We’ve spoken to hundreds of businesses like yours. Our easy-use, end-to-end 3D design and ecommerce solution empowers you to do more with the three most valuable things to you: time, effort and money.
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Text editor

Add action to your words. Our text editor lets you change the font family, font color, font size, rotation, position, letter spacing and outline color with ease.

Upload images

Drag and drop images in the 3D online configurator as jpg, png, pdf, eps, ai and svg. Remove the background, resize and rotate. Our DPI calculator will optimize the resolution of your images.


Create placeholders for customers to enter text, logos so you don't have to. Minimize mistakes.

Our placeholder function makes it easy to save time.

Design smarter

Bring your designs to life with 3D Visualization
Export a 2D design from your favorite design software like Adobe Illustrator.

Brikl renders flat designs into a fully viewable 3D image in real-time.

Share your creations

Send a link of your design to your customers. They’ll be able to view what you’ve made in 3D in their browser and drive traffic back to your website and domain. Increase sales opportunities from customers sharing your designs on social.

Welcome to a new way of designing

Increase sales. Reduce design time. Eliminate production mistakes. See what else Brikl can do for you.

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