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A 3D configurator for any website


Easy to install

We made sure developers could integrate the BRIKL 3D configurator really quickly. With a simple JavaScript and some basic HTML, our next generation 3D configurator is fully integrated with your website, allowing you to start selling custom products immediately.

In order to add the Design Now button to your site, there are two steps. One, include the Javascript. The JavaScript can be rendered as pop-up (full size window) or inside a container on your page. Two, add a button to your site HTML.
Easy to install

Get to market quickly

E-commerce for custom products is growing quickly, attracting developers and merchants  in ever growing numbers. Unfortunately, for too many merchants, getting a 3D configurator up and running is a challenging process. Not with BRIKL.
Easy to install

Save on development costs

With BRIKL, you get an out-of-the box solution that gives you the best of two worlds: a next generation 3D configurator integrated on a unique site you manage, complete with a hosted BRIKL configurator dashboard.
Easy to install

Grow your sales online

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